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You’re about to learn why High Plains Fire Protection should be your first and only choice as your Fire Protection service provider! So, let’s start with a topic near the hearts of many Business Owners today; Operating Costs.

High Plains Fire Protection charges fair and competitive rates for all services provided. Customers who choose High Plains Fire Protection will NEVER be charged an additional “In Town/Out of Town Service Charge” for the privilege of receiving such services. We schedule routes and work types efficiently; eliminating the “opportunity” for additional fees.

Murphy’s Law: Fire Protection Systems invariably seem to develop problems outside of normal operating hours. When an emergency happens, you can count on High Plains Fire Protection being right by your side. High Plains Fire Protection charges a set shop rate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are committed to maintaining safe environments for people without taking advantage of premium pricing opportunities when “life” happens.


High Plains Fire Protection is a Company committed to providing people with safe environments in which to conduct daily activities. We keep Owners of fire protection equipment informed of their liabilities and compliant with the requirements imposed by adopted Standards, Codes, and Laws applicable to their fire protection systems. We offer intensive Code knowledge and systems experience applied in managing Customer’s risk regarding their specific Fire Protection compliments.

High Plains Fire Protection DOES NOT provide incentives for Inspectors to find “up-sells” or problems with systems that require un-necessary and costly upgrade or repair costs. We are committed to maintaining your original equipment as long as allowable by Manufacturer specifications and/or Code.

Our Inspectors and Service Personnel are required to meet the highest standards for initial hire and are subject to continual education, training and development their entire careers at HPF. At a minimum, High Plains Fire hires only individuals holding a current NICET II certification in their respective Fire Protection discipline. NICET (National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies) is a nationally recognized organization that administers certification standards and criteria for various disciplines of engineering technology including 5 disciplines of Fire Protection. To learn more about NICET click here: NICET

Additionally, High Plains Fire Protection services have been structured to include Fire Protection Service needs in Wyoming that are difficult to find or have traditionally been relegated to high priced out of state contractors. High plains Fire Protection is pleased to offer the following world class services to its Wyoming customers at Wyoming prices:


Fire Sprinklers save lives.

However, this is only true if properly inspected, tested, and maintained in accordance with Manufacturer’s specifications and NFPA 25. Fire sprinkler inspections carried out by out High Plains Fire Inspectors will ensure that the system installed on your property meets its original listing, remains compliant with your current occupancy, and is healthy and ready to protect lives and property. Competitive pricing and Industry leading certifications, qualifications, and experience means you are assured the finest Fire Sprinkler System service in the industry. Wet pipe sprinkler systems, Dry pipe sprinkler systems, pre-action/deluge systems, fire hose standpipes, hydrants; we can service them all.


Many fire sprinkler systems require a fire pump to provide the required water volume or pressure necessary to perform to the design criteria. No more high priced out of state costs to maintain your fire pumps. High Plains Fire Protection is your Wyoming choice in fire pump testing. We use state of the art Hydro-Flo/HoseMonster testing devices and software to test the performance of your fire pump ensuring the highest level of accuracy in the test results. We service all makes and models of Stationary Fire Pumps. Regular inspection, testing, and maintenance as prescribed by the Manufacturer and NFPA 25 will increase the life of your Fire Pump System and can prevent extensive repair costs from unidentified conditions.


Fire Extinguishers are the most common front line fire protective device and are found almost everywhere. Properly operating fire extinguishers save lives and protect property every day. Fire Extinguishers require Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance prescribed in NFPA 10 in order to perform as designed when called upon. High Plains Fire Protection performs these services on all makes and models of portable fire extinguishers using the latest testing and service equipment ensuring proper performance of these devices. High Plains Fire Protection also offers Fire Extinguisher classroom and live fire training to help teach you and your Staff safe Fire Extinguisher operations in the workplace or home.


The heartbeat of any quality Restaurant is skilled personnel performing their crafts on behind-the-scenes cooking appliances. The ability of a restaurant to provide high volume food production relies completely on the safe operations of cooking appliances. Employees work in close proximity to cooking appliances and the risk of fire with high volume cooking is high making it critical that the fire protective systems installed for these appliance batteries are in top shape at all times. A leading cause for restaurant revenue losses is not-for-cause fire system discharges due to lack of service. These events can shut down operations for lengthy time periods and can be expensive to return to service. Semi-Annual service is critical to the health of these systems and the prevention of unwanted system activation. High Plains Fire Protection is dedicated to helping ensure these systems are ready to perform if required and stable when in standby.


Many situations require unique fire protection solutions. Be it Petrochemical, Heavy Industrial, Industrial, Commercial, or Residential, High Plains Fire Protection is your first choice in Special or “exotic” fire protection systems. Formerly relegated to out of state Contractors, we are licenses and experienced in servicing C02, FE13, FE36, FM200, Halon1211/1301, Halotron I, foam/water systems, water mist, paint booth/hazard storage dry chemical systems, and many other specialty fire protection systems. Best of all, we are right here in Wyoming; ready to service all your special fire protection needs.